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Have questions or want to explore how VetCents Accounting can help you meet your financial goals? We are here to assist! Reach out with a quick email, phone call or text message to initiate a conversation. Whether you are seeking a no-obligation consultation or have specific inquiries about our services, we are ready to provide the answers and guidance you seek. Take the first step towards getting the help you need so that you can get back to doing what really matters.

VetCents Accounting LLC

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Free Consultation

This initial discussion is all about gathering information. We will ask questions to understand the nature of your business, the current status of your financials, the services that you need, any areas of concern and how we can help you meet your goals. We will also answer any questions you have about us. At the conclusion of this call, we will each have a better understanding if we want to proceed further. [Let us know if you would like us to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the consultation call.]

If you are already using QuickBooks Online, you can quickly grant us temporary access to your records. If not, we will coordinate with you to easily get the information we need to review and assess your data. 

Records Review


We will prepare a customized proposal for you, which includes the objective of the engagement, the scope of work, pricing options and other terms. We can modify terms as necessary to meet your needs.

This is the document that solidifies our working relationship. It outlines our respective responsibilities, details the services we will and will not be providing, and covers contractual terms such as confidentiality, liability, termination and safeguarding of electronic data. Once this agreement is signed by both of us, the working relationship officially begins!

Engagement Letter


This is when we sit down together (either in person or virtually) to set up the access required to manage your financials, including business bank accounts, credit card accounts, loan accounts and other applications that you might use for payroll and payment processing. This is also an opportunity for us to dive a little deeper into what processes are working, what processes could be improved and how we can continue to communicate successfully.